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The Australian Education and Tourism Sharing Conference held in Hangzhou

The Australian Education and Tourism Sharing Conference were held by Australian Yutong Cultural Center cooperated with V-Tour in Hangzhou on March 6th. The event attracted foreign school representative from Brighton Grammar School in Australia. Over 100 industry experts attended from Zhejiang province.

In the conference, seven Australian study tour products were released, which triggered a heated debate. Mr. Shen Yijun, founder and managing director of Australia Yutong Cultural Center, took the stage to give a speech about the future trends of study tour and share the outstanding experience of Yutong. At the same time, the principals of the Brighton Grammar School also made a speech on the feelings and reflections of the study tour from the perspective of the Australian principal. This conference not only deepened the communication and unprecedented enthusiasm of China and Australia in research, but also stimulated the collision of thinking and more cooperation possibilities in the future.

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