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Career Planning For VCE And Further Studies

YTCC has experts in VCE studies advisory. There are over 90 study areas in VCE that you could choose from. Your school decides what VCE studies it will offer. 

A VCE program generally consists of 20 to 24 studies taken over two years, and you can vary the number of units you complete in a year.

When choosing you study areas you should consider:

What interests you


What you are good at


If the subject leads to a job you are interested in


If the subject prepares you for further training or tertiary courses you are considering


If the subject leads to a VET qualification within the VCE.appy to


We offer advisory service to assist you in choosing the right studies that will benefit you for your future career development and your current capability.


We are also happy to advise you for your further study on VET/Higher education level.


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