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YTCC promotes Sino-Australian kindergarten cooperation project

Recently, with the promotion of the Australian Yutong Cultural Centre, Brighton Grammar School in Australia and Foshan Senbao Kindergarten in China reached a strategic cooperation agreement and signed a contract. This cooperation signifies that China-Australia cooperation has entered a substantive stage of advancement. The two sides will cooperate and exchange in many aspects such as foreign teaching, course development and teacher training.

The launch of this cooperation originated in the year of the epidemic in 2020. YTCC reviewed the situation and launched the dual-teacher bilingual OMO course in kindergartens at an appropriate time. During the course, Foshan Senbao Kindergarten practiced the applicability of the Australian curriculum in kindergartens and YTCC’s smooth and efficient organization and coordination capabilities. After monthly negotiations and running-in, the two parties finally confirmed their cooperation in December 2020 and reached a strategic cooperation agreement.

In the post-epidemic era, Brighton Grammar School in Australia and Foshan Sambo Kindergarten in China will expand multi-level and multi-field cooperation on the basis of the cooperation agreement. The Australian Yutong Cultural Centre will also take this cooperation as an opportunity to further promote the exchange and cooperation of innovative projects between Chinese and Australian schools, and integrate more high-quality resources to form a Sino-Australian education ecosystem of mutual creation and win-win sharing.

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