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Australia Camping Experience

Australian enjoy outdoor adventures more than any other people around the world.

Camping has been one of the major outdoor activities for Australians from early childhood.

Camping has also been the compulsory component added to the school curriculum for many schools. Throughout camping, you have a chance to get in a close contact with Australians’ wildest natures conquering the most authentic adventures in the world.

With YTCC, we have variety of camps solutions provided by our honoured partners. The camps are located all round Melbourne ranging 150 to 350 kilometres away from Melbourne CBD. All camps feature a range of accommodation options that can be suitable for individuals, families and large groups.

When it comes to outdoor, it does not limit itself to one type or style of outdoor programming but aims to provide recreational, educational, developmental and even therapeutic driven programs.  In addition, our camps solution providers are able to cater for adventure all over Victoria and beyond.

Our philosophy is centred around participants building a relationship with nature, developing as strong communities and achieving success by overcoming personal challenges.

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