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Australian International Education Principals Delegation Visiting China

5 Australian principals from St Mary’s Primary School, Knox Grammar School, Baghdad Elementary School, Geelong Grammar School Toorak Campus and Wesleyan College visited China for International Education Learning Program organized by the Asia Education Foundation at the University of Melbourne, and Australian Yutong Cultural Centre from November 21-26, 2019.

The purpose of this program is to enhance participants’ understanding of the Chinese education today, its reform and agenda; provide opportunities for participants to exchange views and share good practices with Chinese counterparts in the education transition via the International Educational Leadership Forum of Hangzhou hosted by Yinhu Academy Education Group.

The principals not only participated in the international education forums in Fuyang and Ningbo, but also visited the City Planning Exhibition Hall in Hangzhou and Ningbo to learn about the history and future of urban development. At the same time, they conducted educational exchanges with many domestic primary and middle schools and built sister schools relationship. The natural scenery and culture of China left a deep impression on the principals.

The principals enjoyed their time in China, lamented this incredible cultural and educational experience, and looked forward to more connections and conversation in international education. Yutong Cultural Center will continue to promote Sino-Australia education and cultural exchanges and bring together a vision of international education.

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