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Counselling/ Transition Management

Yutong recognises the opportunities and challenges for people travelling and migrating to another country such as Australia and has partnered with The life Institute to provide a suite of support services to help with the transition.

The life institute is a transition management group founded over 20 years ago by Dr Julie Rosengren to give hope to families everywhere and help make transitions easier. 

The life institute provides transition support for individuals and groups in a range of areas including cultural integration, career development, parenting children and teens, caring for ageing parents, and organisational  change. 

The life institute is primarily an education group and runs seminars and webinars on topics such as: Adapting to the Australian culture including school, workforce and the community; parenting for the early years , parenting  for the primary years, parenting teenagers, raising resilient children and teens; Successful ageing respectful caring of ageing parents; finding suitable work for migrants; creating an emotionally intelligent work culture; and more. 

More information about the education programs can be found on the life institute website. 

The team who develop and run the education programs at the Life Institute consists of health care and education professionals including registered psychologists, counsellors, nurses, teachers, and doctors. 

One on one counselling may also be available on request depending on the need.


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