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Parenting style

Research shows that our parenting style greatly impacts on our child’s academic and social success. Find out what this style is and how to cultivate it in yourself.

Understanding your child’s temperament

Research shows that matching your parenting style to your child’s temperament improves your family relationships. Gain an understanding of different temperament characteristics so you can be the best parent/carer for your children.

Positive parenting

Your own attitude and behaviour towards your children will have a significant impact on your child’s development. Learn some great techniques to manage and direct children’s behaviour without screaming and asking a thousand times!

Child Development

Through learning about how children develop from infancy to adolesence, participants will gain an insight into how to manage expectations of their children and create an atmosphere of empathy and love.

Directing behaviour 

Explore familiar child-parent interactions in a realistic and honest context and develop an awareness of how rewards, consequences and punishment – if used with poor knowledge and skill – can lead easily to bribery and threats.

Understanding feelings in the family

Gain an understanding of why a vocabulary of feelings is such an important gift for your child; and how reading your own feelings can help to work out what’s going on with your child.


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